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Life Hacks 101 – Simply Genius Tips & Tricks July 19, 2013

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Helpful diagrams #lifehacks

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April 24, 2013

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Oh, how I love getting surprises in the mail!


Ivory 2 in 1 Power: it's the head-to-toe clean!

I, of course, love surprises…especially when I get new products free in the mail!  I revived a bottle of the new Ivory 2 in 1 Power yesterday.  Ivory never disappoints!  This stuff really works from head to toe.  It’s the all-over conditioning shampoo/body wash, so one product does it all.  So far my kids are loving it (and I love anything that will speed up their showers in the morning).  We loved the smell so much we even used it to give our doggy a bath.   🙂

My opinion:  it’s definitely a keeper!!

#Ivory2in1Power @InfluensterVox @Ivory

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


Age Calculator…and every other kind of calculator! Sadly I needed this because I never remember how old I am (yeah, yeah…I stopped counting after 21!) April 19, 2013

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Good news is, I have been thinking (and telling everyone) that I was a year older than I really was.  In conclusion, the only good thing about being old is finding out your not as old as you thought you were (but you’re still pretty old if you can’t even remember your age ha ha!)

But hey, this calculator is pretty awesome (and my kids even wanted to try it out)…not only do you find out your age in years…but in days, weeks, hours, minutes, and even seconds (which is in the billions…talk about making me feel old!)

Only sharing the following info because, after all, I realized I am 33, not 34  🙂

My age (as of about 15 mins ago):

33 years 4 months 18 days
or 400 months 18 days
or 1741 weeks 5 days
or 12192 days
or 292608 hours
or 17556480 minutes
or 1053388800 seconds

Try it out for yourself:
Age Calculator (and every other sort of calculator)


12 things I didn’t know I was doing wrong…ehhh I say 11 things (because I just can’t bring myself to open a banana from the other end)….but the other stuff is clever indeed! (someone please try running mayo all over your crayon drawn walls…let me know how that works out Heehee)! April 16, 2013

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Moss Graffiti–why am I just learning about this? The results look amazing! Would make for uber cool garden art :-)